Friday, August 26, 2011

Camera Obscura: How Steve Jobs Changed Movies; Tucker and Dale Finally Released

The impact Steve Jobs and Apple have had on technology, communications, business and more takes massive work to catalog. The Moveable Fest offers just 5 ways Jobs changed movies and the industry as a whole:

The most obvious and most important moment of Jobs’ movie career was purchasing LucasFilm’s computer division, which counted future Pixar prexies John Lasseter and Ed Catmull among its employees, for $10 million initially and continuing to back it out of pocket through the lean decade that followed to the tune of $50 million. As mentioned in Karen Paik’s “To Infinity and Beyond! The History of Pixar Animation Studios,” had the company been sold to Philips Electronics, the Pixar name would’ve been adorning medical equipment or in the service of automotive design if they had gone to GM, as it almost did in late 1985. But Jobs was content to let Lasseter and Catmull pursue their dream of creating a completely computer-animated film and as a result, we not only got Pixar, but countless innovations that would affect productions well beyond the company’s walls."

Also mentioned:

" ...
Apple democratized moviemaking for the masses, just one distillation of Jobs’ belief in how if people have the technology, they will be able to do amazing things with it. Certainly, iMovie and its progenitor Final Cut Pro (first developed by Macromedia) weren’t the first video editing software products out there. But alongside the rise of cheaply available digital video cameras, consumers finally had the ability to shape their films with ease using the same software that could be used by professional filmmakers."


After winning awards and critical praise at Sundance and SXSW, the horror comedy "Tucker and Dale vs Evil" has finally found distribution into theaters and is available On Demand too. I've mentioned the movie a few times before, so here is the new trailer to remind you that this comedy deserves to be seen.


Stephen King's masterwork, "The Stand" may get the Harry Potter treatment from Warner Brothers. News that Potter director and writer, David Yates and Steve Kloves are reviewing plans to make the huge novel into two or three films has fans talking.

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