Thursday, May 12, 2011

Take A Survey On Politics and Online Activity

I was contacted by educators from the School of Journalism at University of Texas working with Barb Kaye, a professor in the Journalism and Electronic Broadcasting at University of Tennessee-Knoxville to share with you a new survey on online activity and political news and information. They've urged me to reach out to my readers and ask you to take the survey too, and I hope you do. Just click here to take the survey.

The purpose of this survey is to examine the uses and users of online sources for political information. We ask that only those individuals who access websites, blogs, social media sites, Twitter, and YouTube for political information participate in this survey. Additionally, respondents must be eligible to vote in the U.S.

The survey should take between about 15 - 20 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or would like access to past work, please email us at

As part of the survey procedures we're including a "snowball" option - we're asking you to please send the survey URL to people you know who access websites, blogs, social media sites, Twitter or YouTube for political information and are at least 18 years old.


Please copy the URL into an email, onto a website or blog, or Tweet it to those you think would be interested in filling out the survey.

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