Friday, April 29, 2011

TN Moves To Ban Teachers Union

Pretty much as expected and predicted, the state of Tennessee is following up on their plan do ban unions in Tennessee, starting with teachers, for now.

Never mind those comments from legislators recently that they were NOT going to create anti-union legislation, see, because they are just repealing the law that makes unions for teachers legal. How is that anti-union? We love teachers. We are reforming education!

House Speaker Beth Harwell and key lawmakers have agreed to completely repeal the 1978 law that gave teachers the ability to unionize, casting aside an earlier compromise that would have let them continue to negotiate with school boards over a few issues.

They now plan to accept a Senate measure that would ban contracts negotiated by teachers unions and replace them with employee handbooks written by local school boards
." (via the Tennessean)

Yes, all this economic turmoil was caused by those ultra-rich teachers in Tennessee. Problem solved! What's next? Looking for work? Your local school is probably going to hire folks ....

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