Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rebuilding At World Trade Center Site

Some blog writers were moaning and wailing this past weekend that the site of the demolished World Trade Centers remain an empty blighted hole. But that isn't really true at all.

But nine years after the September 11 attacks, there finally are tangible signs of progress. A memorial and a tree-filled plaza will be completed next year, in time for the 10th anniversary. The museum will open in 2012. And the steel framing of One World Trade Center—now at 36 stories—is clearly visible above the fence."


"The officials spoke on the 10th floor of what is perhaps Ground Zero’s biggest success story so far: Seven World Trade, a 52-story Skidmore Owings & Merrill-designed office building that opened in 2006. And while all the speakers praised what construction they could see outside the floor’s tall windows, many also acknowledged the start-stop nature of the process thus far."

A fairly thorough description of all the construction underway can be found at the Architectural Record blog.

And two related stories

-- some of those killed that terrible day were Muslims gathered in the prayer room in the South Tower.

-- former "Nightline" host (a TV show dedicated originally to following every detail of Americans held hostage in Iran in the late 1970s and perpetuated and endlessly imitated as daily and often hourly 'fearcasts') Ted Koppel, thinks the press and the public and the government are playing by bin Laden's rules.


  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Ted may have been following every detail of the Iranian Hostage situation of the late 1970's but he was given incorrect information as we now know.

    Ronald Regan prevented the hostages from being released because he wanted the glory for their release. That is why he gave them millions in weapons, etc.

    Our Winkin Blinkin and Nod tv news readers and not investigative reporters. They are good little soldiers and read the BS given to them by TPTB.

  2. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Did you know that the twin towers were filled with asbestos that the Dept. of Health was forcing the owners the building to remove?

    The cost of removal of the asbestos was to be more than the original price to build the twin towers.

    Follow the money.....

  3. Anonymous5:08 PM


    Check the Evidence don't listen to the the news readers.

    There was so much BS on the day of 9/11 that by 6:00 pm I knew that something smelled funny.

    Especially, when they reported a week later that they found a passport belonging to one of the hijackers. Bahahahahaha!