Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rep. Roe's Health Care Plan: 'Heal Yourself'

Busy seeking re-election to Congress, 1st District Republican Phil Roe offers his Health Care Plan to the Johnson City Press -- if you're sick, it's your fault and you should heal yourself.

He said instead, to lower health care costs, Americans should take more responsibility for their own health by using a health savings account, which would provide care up to a set amount using an individual’s personal savings toward their health care."

Forget health insurance. Just save some money up and spend it yourself. And stay away from a doctor and just don't make the mistake of being sick.

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Anonymous said...

Yep, they claim we can't afford universal health care but, we can give Israel 7.5 billion dollars in addition to the millions we give them each year. We can give a billion each year to fight AIDES in Africa even though it has been proven that the people won't change their behavior to help stop AIDES. We can lose/misplace/whoknowswhat a couple of billion in Iraq but we can't have universal health care.

Did you watch the PBS Frontline "Sick Around the World". Excellent information.
More Later...
Morrisita Townson