Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little To Celebrate In Latest BP 'Cap'

They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works, every time.

And let's check out that tote board and see just how close we are the that magic number of unrecoverable disaster!!

Well, looky there -- as of 9 pm EST June 15, even the BP cameras show no oil or gases escaping.

Now, so long as this new pressure seal on top holds, and does not make the well bore explode some thousands of feet below the surface thus making an unhealable sieve of an endlessly leaking sea bed before they can successfully (and for a record-setting first) connect two relief wells down a couple of miles to seal off the endless Fountain of Filth ... so long as all those firsts and dozens more actually work, then maybe it will all stop for good.

At least, stop the leak, that is.

We still face massive years of millions of work hours (and billions of dollars) to clean and re-claim pretty much all the Southern coastline and many, many more miles of inland waterways.

And so very sad amid all of this -- Americans know much about the disaster, but so few know even the names of those 11 workers who lost their lives aboard the Deepwater Horizon for no reason other than a deep desire to make an oil well flow:

Donald Clark
Shane Roshto
Dewey Revette
Adam Weise
Wyatt Kemp
Dale Burkeen
Jason Anderson
Karl Kleppinger
Stephen Curtis
Gordon Jones
Blair Manuel

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