Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Super Web Hosting Deal From DotEasy

I've been searching for a new web hosting service and a way to claim a domain name when, as luck would have it, the folks from DotEasy.com contacted me. What I found was a way to claim not just one, but up to 10 domains with one simple step. My thanks for their support and consideration, and I'm happy to share the info and share a promo code below in this post which can save you some cash as well.

Whether you are brand new to the web or a longtime user, DotEasy has much to offer individuals who want to create personal web sites, and for businesses who want to attract customers, create forums, photo pages and much more.

Their Basic plan offers, for instance, free web hosting:

1GB of data transfer

100MB of storage

10 email accounts

10 add-on Domains

Keeping it simple and easy to use, DotEasy has many other features as well, including their Unlimited and Ultra plans.

Customers can register any .com/.net/.org domain for only $7.95 and get the year of free web hosting if you register now and use this promo code: 1003BPM

Check out the
domain registration process here.

And learn more about their complete web hosting services here.

It's a sweet deal and they offer plenty of customer support so you can achieve what you want with your online creations, and they'll even help you create your website too.

I urge you to check out
DotEasy today and use the promo code above. Tell them Cup of Joe Powell sent you.

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