Monday, February 01, 2010

Paris and Prince, Dangerous Words and Weird Things In Coffee

I have great sympathy for kids today as they negotiate their way into our strange and sometimes dangerous world. Often the childhood years are intertwined with horrors - ask the kids growing up in Haiti or Ethiopia who face nothing less than starvation and slavery.

And last night I took note of two kids who's lives appear to be part of a bad American novel. Named Prince and Paris, the children of Michael Jackson spoke briefly to the crowd at the Grammy Awards when the group handed out a Lifetime Achievement honor to Jackson. Their lives are going to be tough and likely gain a visage too weird to predict. Might be different if Prince were named, say, Bill or Frank. (And who can blame the child named Blanket for not making an appearance. Blanket?)


Kids in school in one California school district must be attempting to puzzle out just what the deal with adults is.

One week, adults ban a dictionary because one could learn a definition of "oral sex" in said dictionary. Now, the dictionary is back on the shelf, but students must have a parent's permission slip to look at the dictionary.

A couple of points here - if the dictionary is dangerous, then the Internet must be the center of Hell itself.

And why just ban a dictionary? Every dirty word and perverted idea is usually expressed by just a few letters in the alphabet, so why not ban them too?


One blogger has created a task few would dare -- put weird things in coffee and see how it tastes.

This is Putting Weird Things In Coffee.

Recent entries include: Eggspresso, Bacon in the Coffee, and putting Salmon in Coffee.

The blogger says "
The only rule is that the things I put in coffee must be things that I would tolerate eating on their own. So no, I will not put dog poop in coffee, but you’re right that it would be very weird."


  1. Thanks very much for the link to my coffee blog.

    That dictionary ban is the dumbest thing I've heard in a long time. I'm sure all those kids will now go their whole lives without discovering what oral sex is.

  2. Welcome, Phronk!

    I am new to your blog, but count me as a fan!!!

  3. cosmocrateroth6:27 PM

    sprinkle in a little parmesean (cheese)