Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frightmare Manor - Can You Take The Challenge?

UPDATE: Check out Frightmare Manor 2011 here.

The way it's being going this year, I'd expect the Haunted House attractions for Halloween 2009 would be a place populated with doctors and health insurance companies. Oh and of course the Super Spooky Liberal Democrat. Or are the Right Wing fringe-folk more fear-inducing this year?

Anyway, a new Haunted House site this year is just a few miles from my front porch, called Frightmare Manor, right off of Highway 11-E straddling the Jefferson County/Hamblen County line. (spookily straddling, I should say.)

Their website is here and for the past two weekends huge crowds have been facing the fears for many long hours. There's no missing the gigantic inflatable pumpkin in the front ... but really, once you say "inflatable pumpkin", scares are scarce. Still, this attraction boasts a "Nightmare At Frightmare" event which if you can endure it, you'll be refunded your admission price.

What is the Nightmare at Frightmare? The website explains you'll have to sign a release and then you must "eat something, drink something and do something". A friend who has attended tells me the experience includes some real spiders and snakes and is sort of akin to something you might see on a reality-tv game challenge.

One item I usually post this time of year is a wee scene from Mel Brooks' "Dracula: Dead and Loving It" set in a dank crypt as two vampire hunters tackle a ghastly, funny task.


  1. Absolutely hilarious.

    Maybe Frightmare Manor can pull together & unite an entire community under the comforting blanket of absolute horror, spiders, snakes and eating raw worms and/or cow intestines!!!

    Hell, I'm all for it.

    P.S. "Dracula - Dead and Loving It," for me, was one of those "take it or leave it" films from Brooks.... however, this was my absolute favorite (and iconic!!) scene from the movie & I'd forgotten all about it.

    Kudos for posting this up; totally made my day!!

  2. some reader posted a comment here which detailed most if not all the elements which take place during this Frightmare Challenge, and i just can't allow such secrets to be revealed here ... sorry, dear reader, the events must remain a surprise!!