Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Post-Peach; Or The Other News in the News

After many Summer months working with some fantastic actors, this weekend saw the first and last appearance of "James and the Giant Peach" - a live stage show for Rose Center's Summer Players. I confess some sadness to see The Peach fade into memory - but what fine memories for the actors, their hard-working parents, the staff at Rose Center, the sponsors and the audiences, who all cheered the good work of the cast.

Those memories are beyond price and my complete joy in working with such talented folk are likewise priceless.

The rest of the world, of course, slowly turned and turned, so I thought it best to ease back into the regular blogging world with a few items which show, if nothing else, that being a part of the family of our Giant Peach could have improved more lives than one might imagine. Long live The Peach!!

In politico news:

Morristown City Government gave the heave-ho to their City Administrator, Jim Crumley (heck of a Golden Parachute for him!!)

State election commissions across the state of Tennessee have filed a class action suit over the apparent political hijinks of naming new bosses.

In other news:

Law enforcement officers in Chattanooga stopped a man threatening suicide by firing some 59 shots at him, striking him 43 times "
The autopsy report, which is not yet final, details gunshot wounds on nearly every part of Mr. Heyward's 5-foot-9-inch, 180-pound body. Bullet holes were present from his chin to his ankle, but Lt. Noorbergen said it's not clear which of those were entry or exit wounds.". This story is almost too tragic and awful to be believed.

The constant mis-information about a plan to revamp the nation's health care system has been so steady and constant that the malformed remnants of the legislation also falls into the realm of tragedy.

In other News o' The Web:

I've been catching up on the year-long interview project from producer/director David Lynch. A recent sample is below -- for so many of these interviews done with people from across the country, people who seldom make the news or even creep into our daily awareness - I learn something most memorable about the lives us of us all: we struggle through good times and hard times and if we are fortunate, we learn to embrace the good times and simply learn to accept the bad.

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