Thursday, June 18, 2009

Those Kids and Their Madhouse Circus of Socialism

A graduating high school student in Maine bowed and blew a kiss during his walk across stage and then found himself in trouble with school officials. Maybe it was because the ceremony had already been witness to an inflatable rubber duck and a beach ball, but the principal would not hand over the diploma to that crazy kiss blowing anarchist. Two students were escorted out by sheriff's deputies.

So now, of course, a mass public meeting is scheduled, and likely an investigative Task Force with perhaps the mission of creating an in-depth report on kiss blowing and rubber ducks and beach balls. The district's school board chair proclaims parents and community must decide if they want a 'refined event' or 'a circus'.

Cool! A circus at graduation next year!!

And of course, this kind of chaos is just more proof, say some, that President Obama and Democrats want Big Government Socialism (that link includes a local Maine TV news report on this ... um ... 'event'.) Rumor says another student started signing the yearbook with the phrase "Best Friends Forever - Love, Stalin". Other rumors claim UFOs and crop circles were seen briefly over the football field.

In related news, a young man who made some sculpture on the fly with roadside construction barrels in Raleigh, North Carolina is also endangering humanity, rules and the laws of science ... or something. (Although the company whose barrels were used say no charges or criminal prosecutions need to be attached to the artist in question.)

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