Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal?

At Post Politics, Kleinheider wrote of his angry certainty that Michael Jackson escaped the justice he deserved. And while his gut instinct might compel his viewpoint that Jackson was guilty of the allegations of child molestation, I'm not certain myself of his guilt. Here's a sample of what was written:

Can someone explain to me when Michael Jackson joined respectable society again? I seem to have missed it.

Last time I checked I remember Jackson flagrantly flouting inviting children into his bed and barely beating a charge of child molestation by the skin of his teeth. This, of course, after he paid another alleged victim off ten years previous for dropping a similar charge.

Now, of course, I understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty. I do. But I thought that we all had come to the conclusion that Jacko was about as innocent of child molestation as O.J was of killing Nicole.

Was I wrong?

Because if O.J dies and I have to watch film of him playing football and people honoring and mourning his death, I’ll lose it. I’m gonna need a heads up on that one, so let me know.

Hell, wouldn’t you forgive a murderer sooner than a child molester, anyway?

At least with murder, the victim is dead. It’s over. Done. Being sexually victimized, especially at a young age, can be akin to a living death.

Honestly, sometimes (let me emphasize sometimes) I think child rapists would be more humane if they killed all their victims. At least they would save them the life of pain and prevent the start of a cycle of abuse that can extend generationally and exponentially.

A few folks in Knoxville cheered the man’s death? And?

Don’t get me wrong. Celebrating death of anyone, even a mass murderer or a child rapist, is not a healthy activity. But is it absolutely appalling? Honestly, given the givens and assuming the assumptions, I simply cannot muster up a whole bunch of outrage."

My thoughts differ simply because he was never convicted of the crimes he was accused of committing. Despite a vigorous prosecution and many suspicions, there appeared to me a real lack of actual evidence. And he was acquitted not of just one charge, but of nine charges.

I'm not a huge fan of Jackson - although he seemed to posses the savvy to create a career and a style which still carries a massive influence. Also, most media reports included coverage of the many controversies about Jackson. And he certainly lived a life so very far removed from the norm.

So for me, ACK's post seems less factual and mostly emotional anger at an idea rather than the acts of one person. Your views may differ.


  1. With all due respect, I would NEVER, EVER prefer that a child die. That's a horrible statement.

  2. i love michael jackson