Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camera Obscura: New Twin Peaks; Zombieland; Augmented Reality

I do watch more than just horror movies. Really, I do.

But that is the genre I like best - I like getting frightened and equally like to create some scares for audiences too, yes. I do watch other things -- I've been noodling over all the brilliant work in "Wall-E" the last few weeks, for example. Science-fiction sort of folds into the horror movie mix, especially this summer and fall and there's some info on those movies below.

So, today's post is a brief look at some new scary stuff and some old scary stuff too.

Big news this week for fans of the long-gone TV series "Twin Peaks", thanks to a push from the former Special Agent Dale Cooper (actor Kyle MacLachlan) who wants to start up the strange world of the Great Northwest and backwards-talking-midget via a series of 5-minute webisodes. Could it work? And MacLachlan says it would not include the work of the series creator, David Lynch. All the current details are here.

And don't try and tell me that Twin Peaks isn't a creepy, scary show. Because it is.


In October of '09, a blend of laughs and chills arrives with the movie "Zombieland", which was shot in Georgia, in places like Atlanta, Buckhead, Valdosta and more. Bill Murray has a role as one of the zombies and Woody Harrelson plays a zombie hunter named Tallahassee. A brand spanking new trailer for the movie was released this week:

Almost looks like a Southern-fried "Shaun of the Dead", which is not a bad thing.

And speaking of Georgia and zombies, students at the Savannah College of Art and Design and the Georgia Tech Augmented Environment Labs are working on an amazing interactive game using mobile phones which looks like it is as much fun to create as to play. I see many more of this type of game ahead:


The Not Horror News -- in fact, it's "Good News, Everyone!!"

A new focus in sci-fi films on the way to a theater near you: scares and loneliness in outer space. Such as "Pandorum," which is from the producers of the "Resident Evil" movies. It stars the always scary Ben Foster ("30 Days of Night") and more info is here.

And then there is this one, which I am really looking forward to - a movie written and directed by David Bowie's son, Duncan Jones, titled "Moon" and starring Sam Rockwell, who plays the lone occupant of a fuel and mining outpost on Earth's moon. It's been getting rave reviews at film festivals across the country and is currently in limited release. Take a peek:

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