Friday, May 22, 2009

Camera Obscura: Tarantino Tackles WW2; David Lynch's 121-Webisode Project Launches

I sadly found the music service I've used in the past here to embed music on my blog, Seeqpod, has gone dark, due to lawsuits, and it may return as a Microsoft entity, but until then all those musical links I had included are just dead links.

I roamed about some looking for new embeddable music players which would play songs I select and have had hit or miss success. The bottom line is plans this week and today to place music on this page have all met with failure. Or ran smack into my low threshold for frustration, with the result of No Music On The Blog Today. But I'll gather up some fortitude and try again in coming days. Maybe.

On to what matters - Movies.

The 62st Annual Cannes Film Festival is now underway and as always, notable movies are rolling out alongside the pitching and selling of movies of dubious qualities. One movie I'm already drooling to see is Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorius Basterds", a fanciful World War 2 movie with Brad Pitt leading a squad of Jewish American soldiers who alter the very history of today. Cinematical has a great roundup of critical praise (and disappointment) of the movie and a stack of clips from the movie.

The movie includes his eclectic musical cues - David Bowie and Ennio Morricone - as his squad ultimately sabotages the entire Third Reich with a style most critics agree is World War 2 as a Spaghetti Western (and I love the trailer for the movie). The movie opens in the US in August 21.

Another movie generating lots of press, boos, and some praise is the psychosexual madness of Lars Von Trier's "Antichrist". Centered on a couple grieving the death of their son, it includes some fairly outrageous scenes of mutilation and heaps of weirdness. Trier says he was deeply depressed at the time he made the movie, but perhaps his next movie will find him feeling chipper (I doubt it.)

The official Cannes Festival web site includes a top-to-bottom primer on the French New Wave movement of the 50s and beyond and how it has influenced "alternative cinema" ever since. In other words, it is a celebration of how French films are "incroyable" and "au delĂ  de comparez", n'est-ce-pas?

In online movie news, director David Lynch is launching a year-long film project called "Interview Project", a 121-episode of web-only segments. The mini-movies will be released every few days from June to June of next year offering up interviews from people all across the nation.

A very interesting sample these interviews is offered at EW and it is well worth the time to view. Also, sign up for email notices of the project here at the official web site for "Interview Project".

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