Monday, March 23, 2009

Rep. Roe Clueless On Economy

My congressman, Rep. Phil Roe (R), told the local press he was "astonished" to learn that the unemployment rate in Morristown was over 10%, It stands at last report at more than 15%.

To which I say, "Sir - the unemployment rate was 13% last summer, when you were running for office. You weren't aware of that? Then you have been in Washington voting NO on economic stimulus packages and mortgage-preservation programs and bailouts with no concept of what life was like for the people you represent."


  1. OXYMORON3:14 PM

    I think Roe's actions are consistent with a new member of the House where the majority of Republicans see the economic disaster as an opportunity to dismantle huge chunks of the government and privatize Social Security i.e. effectively bankrupting the treasury rid the country of the New Deal legacy.
    An economic recovery is secondary.

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  3. There's also the possibility that Hamblen County just isn't that important for a GOP victory strategy in the First District. If you can pull off Sullivan, Washington, Greene, and Hawkins, you're set.