Friday, March 27, 2009

5 Reasons To Watch The New G4 Underground Series

The G4 cable network jumps into the TV news magazine biz on Sunday night with a new series called Underground. I've always enjoyed the network and I'd like to give you some reasons to check out this new show.

First reason to watch: If you read this blog and I amuse, entertain, inform or enrage you, then you must tune in because I'm personally connected to the show. One of the producers is a longtime friend and a most talented producer of great TV. Here's her IMDB listing. She's also a fellow alum from Carson-Newman, once worked as a DJ in Morristown radio, is a sharp-eyed pop culture whiz and is a fine mom and wife too.

Second reason to watch: Two words - Morgan Webb.

Third reason to watch: The stories you'll see here won't be found anywhere else. Take the premiere, which tackles the world on online pornography and porn amateurs, plus a segment on real-life, honest-to-pete people who dress up in costume to be super-heroes. Future reports include exposes on ninja schools and the world of urban spelunking. (NOTE: If you are searching for info on "caseynjennifer", please see the comments on this post.)

Fourth reason to watch: It's better than other news magazine time shows - there's no eyebrow-heavy Andy Rooney and sometimes, the stuff they cover is kinda illegal. More info on those items here.

Fifth reason to watch: If you watch and talk about what you see, your friends and co-workers will know you are on the cutting edge of cool. Don't be left out, people, I'm trying to help you here. Check out this teaser below:


  1. You know someone who works with G4?! I just died of envy. I love that channel.

  2. You know Aunt B? I just died of envy. Can she back me an apple pie?

    Thanks for the shout out. It's a fun show.

  3. both aunt b and kelvis are too cool for school. i am the lucky one who has them reading my blog!!

  4. Hi Joe :)
    I'm jennifer and my hubby casey is right beside me. We can't wait to see the premeier of G4 Underground!! Sure hope hope we look ok ;)
    To give you a hint what part of the show we're on, please see our website:
    all the best,
    xoxo jennifer

  5. Casey & Jennifer! You guys must have some crazy google alerts set!

  6. LOL! What's a google alert? :)
    We are on Twitter and have fun writing on that, since we don't tell our friends and family about our "secret identity". LOL!

  7. I will be on Episode 5 Salvia!!
    My name is Justin the Dude in the Black Beanie who trips out hard!! Had lots of fun with G4!!!

    Enjoy april 26th!!