Friday, February 06, 2009

Camera Obscura; New Futurama; Johnny Depp in The Three Stooges; Wrath of Kahn - The Opera

Some fine DVD news arrives this week -- the fourth (but hopefully not final) installment of the Futurama DVDs is about to arrive, titled "Into The Wild Green Yonder", set to debut on Feb. 24th.

As with three previous features, events continue to expand on the time-traveling mess created in the first feature, "Bender's Big Score." As the review at DVD Talks says:

Our story revolves around Leo Wong (Amy's rich dad, who owns Mars) and his eco-unfriendly developmental habits. Not content with the size of his miniature golf course, Leo plans to destroy a large arm of the Milky Way for expansion purposes. A curious incident at Wong's construction facility injures Fry (and several members of a group of female protesters, who we'll hear from again), which gives the lovable goofbag mind-reading abilities. Deciding to use his powers to win at poker---and with the help of a tin-foil hat, to block out the voices when needed---Fry competes against Bender and a gaggle of greedy gamblers. Meanwhile, Leela departs to join the feminist protesters, we're introduced to "The League of Mad Fellows" and the story of a mysterious dark enemy unfolds. Long story short: the fate of the universe depends on Fry and company, even if they aren't completely aware of it.

For the record, I do not want simple narrative to drive the stories here - I want lu
nacy, hewn from the history of sci-fi books, television and movies. Lunacy, I say, wild and unfettered by logic and driven by humor which makes fanboys like myself giggle like a schoolgirl about to take her first ride on a pony.

Second good news for DVD - an all-animated tie-in to the massively popular movie of this summer, "The Watchmen". This effort follows the comic book within The Watchmen called "Tales of the Black Freighter", which is a wretched and gory tale of a a sailor who is marooned and must tackle efforts at rescue which would (and will) stun audiences. The comic is being read by one of the characters in "The Watchmen" and seems to mirror the impending doom headed to New York City and the world. Actor Gerald Butler ("300") plays the lead character. Filmmakers knew it would make the feature film far too long, but the story is too good to just ignore.

It's set for release at the end of March and includes another element from the original Watchmen comic, "Tales From Under The Hood" which gives some backstory to how the events in the main story originated.

Also, a new webisode about the making of The Watchmen is now online, detailing just how the filmmakers brought the character Rorshach to life onscreen. I live that the character is being played by the too-easily forgotten actor Jackie Earle Hailey, who earned fame as the bad boy baseball player on a motorcycle in the original "Bad News Bears".

High hopes continue to rise for this epic tale of superheroes who don't embody the typical trappings of comic book characters.


Johnny Depp is in talks to play in a new movie version of "The Three Stooges"?? The Farralley Brothers are heading the movie which may also include ... Sean Penn? That's the rumor.


Why not end today with a new operatic version (with toys) of "Star Trek: Wrath of Khan" via Robot Chicken??

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