Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Violent Attack Over Pizza

While it might be tempting to blame a horrible economy for the robbery of a pizza deliveryman in upper East Tennessee, the incident seems more spurred on by stupidity. But it is still frightening to think that the whole deal turned so violent over so little.

The Kingsport Times News reports that the poor deliveryman was beaten with a stick of firewood which broke three times as the assault continued, and the suspect eventually was cornered in his kitchen and attempted "suicide by cop" as described in the account here.

"The husband allegedly fled the scene with pizza, hot wings and cheese bread but no cash."

"MCPD Assistant Chief Mike Campbell said Mr. Bond apparently attempted “suicide by cop” as he reached into a cutlery drawer to grab a knife in the presence of officers with their guns drawn. Mr. Bond was unable to find a knife, however, and was tackled and taken into custody, Campbell said.

Police later learned that Mr. Bond was wanted in Carter County and Virginia, although the specific charges weren’t available.

Mr. Bond reportedly told police he hatched the robbery scheme to raise enough money to get away to New Jersey to avoid the arrest warrants. Mr. Bond also reportedly told police he was willing to die because he “was tired of running.”

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