Thursday, January 15, 2009

Offering Holy Oils for Obama

Some religious leaders got a congressman to allow them to anoint a doorway that President-elect Obama will step through on his way to the platform where he will be sworn in next week.

This "inaugural anointing" is the first time such has occurred in the U.S., though the same folks did anoint the seats and doors in a Senate chamber where confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominees Roberts and Alito were held.

Video is here, as the Reverends Rob Schenck and Patrick J. Mahoney are joined by Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia in their ceremony. (Who knew there was already an Anointing Shoppe online?)

Broun told the press in November he thinks Obama is going to establish a new national Gestapo security force to help transform the U.S. into a Marxist state. The Rev. Schenck, a founding member of Operation Rescue, has had some run-ins with the law dating back to the 1990s:

Schenck was arrested a dozen times during protests outside women's health clinics and abortion doctors' homes, and was momentarily detained by Secret Service after shoving an aborted fetus in front of Bill Clinton outside the 1992 Democratic National Convention."

Broun has introduced one piece of legislation since being elected - banning images of naked women in magazines from the military - a bill which has never been approved for a vote.

Prayers aplenty are common at the Inauguration - I suppose any help is a good thing. I mean, if someone wants to pray and fast for three weeks to benefit me or you, well, I guess that's their choice.

But what if a congressmen brought in some folks to hold a Smudging Ceremony?

Maybe the Tennessee legislature, writhing and moaning over who will be or won't be holding the position of Speaker of the House need some of that holy oil, or a smudging or even an exorcism. Just something to clean out their chi or chakras, maybe they should all attend a cuddle party??

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