Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Snarky Responses To Headlines

Pelosi Calls For US Auto Bailout
-- alternate report: Final Days of Bush Presidency and Everything Must Go Sale!!

Saudi Arabia Sues Cigarette Importers for $34 Billion
- next up: Medically Obese Population to Sue Makers of Couches, Corn Syrup

Another Celebrity Goes Home on Dancing With The Stars
- come on, times are really tough, so why not turn this into a Depression-era-style Dance Marathon, where the celebs must dance around the clock until they all drop from exhaustion, then the winner is able to qualify for a federal bailout plan.

McCain: Palin Will 'Play Big Role In The Future Of Our Country'
- It's Alive! It's Aliiiiiive!!

Roger Moore Dislikes New James Bond
- one word: 'Moonraker'

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