Sunday, October 05, 2008

Vote Palin or Go To Hell

The writers for comedy shows across the nation are in heaven as the current political season has made their jobs incredibly easy. All they need to do is quote the players verbatim to strike comedy gold. Unfortunately, this farce has real consequences as it muffles and denigrates reality.

This status is not a new-born trend. Both The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert have been honestly assessing the America we all live in. That isn't a statement of national pride.

And the recent arrival of the clownish distraction of Gov. Sarah Palin has hurled the decades-old standard "Saturday Night Live" skits into prominence again. Tina Fey is the modern Chevy Chase, who expertly satirized the inability of then-president Gerald Ford to stand or walk. Like Ford, Palin is the most-ripe, lowest apple on the lowest branch, so easy to knock off that the lightest breeze will send it tumbling. SNL's parody last night had me both howling with laughter and stunned our political scene is on the same level as an ancient vaudeville routine.

Palin is stoking the fires of farce so high and so hard one can hardly keep up with it, and her supporters are helping out with furious abandon and "starbursts" of pubescent joy.

Here she is yesterday, misquoting a line she read on a Starbucks coffee cup and warning folks that if you don't support her, you'll go to Capital-H Hell:

Maybe she is serious - after all, she has high praise for Pastor Thomas Muthee, a "Witch Hunter" who came to America to exorcise demons and cast protective prayers over her.

Who's writing this American Comedy anyway??


  1. Well, pass the handbasket.. I'll take my chances.
    She's a loon.

  2. Sarah Palin is comedy gold.

    Furthermore, the wingnuts have yet to give us any compelling reason why THEY support her, short of "she drives liberals nuts!"

    I mean, come on. Is that it? Really?