Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tennessee Pig Jailed - Again

You never know what type of criminal will earn time in the ol' cross-bar hotel

Deputies found it in a creek with its mouth duct taped. They’ve even had some jail birds.

“We had some Japanese chickens we found in the wilderness area,” said Harris.

Their latest arrest, a pig.

“The pig actually got out of its pen and was rooting up people’s yards,” said Harris.

This wasn’t the porker’s first offense.

“In fact a few weeks ago, one of my deputies picked it up and drove it around in the back of her cruiser until she could find the owners,” said Harris.

The pig clearly doesn’t like to be penned up or jailed. As soon as deputies put him in this yard the pig was trying to dig out.

“It actually dug down to the footer,” said Sheriff Harris.

Just like any criminal, the sheriff needed to figure out what’s next for the pig, but he couldn’t treat it the same way.

“Of course, there’s no pig court, so we had to deal with it in different ways,” said Sheriff Harris."

I just hope they don't try and serve him bacon for breakfast.


  1. OXYMORON12:39 PM

    Arnold Ziffle's downward spiral.... Mr. Drucker reaised him bettet than that.

  2. Whaaa? There's no pig court??

  3. Oh VB, there are sooooooo many jokes to answer that one, LOL.

    how about "not until the BBQ sauce gets here"