Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ashley Todd Busted In A UT Vols Sweatshirt

Those poor UT sports fans. Here in the midst of their season of losses, yet another national political scandal arrives to pour salt on their wounds. The apparent liar, one of a long line of Blame A Black Guy Crimes, Ashley Todd, was a campaign 'volunteer' and has the bright orange clothes to prove it.

Ashley was a member of a group called 50 College Republicans campaigning for Sen. John McCain and whipped up a rabid fury in the Conservative base by claiming she was attacked by a big scary black guy who carved a B on her face (um, it's backwards) 'cause scary imaginary guy was a supporter for Sen. Barack Obama. (Why not an "O"?? It won't show up backwards even when self-inflicted.)

And when police arrested her for faking a police report, what is she wearing? A nice bright UT orange shirt (image via AP):


And on a weekend when the poor ol' vols got slammed by their rival Alabama 29-3.

She and her College Republican pals promo their presidential hopes (and schemes?) on a site called Life in The Field.

More details on that site and more on Todd here.

And who sent this hoax story high on the hit parade of liars charts - why the GOP's nominees, McCain and Palin, who both personally called the woman to console her. Even Fox News reported that if the story was a hoax, then the McCain campaign was officially over.

Still waiting on that report.

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