Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama Talks Issues, McCain Whines

Virginia got a chance to hear facts and plans from Senator Obama yesterday:

Obama devoted most of his remarks to spelling out the differences between himself and his Republican opponent, Arizona Sen. John McCain, on a broad spectrum of issues including the economy, taxes, health care, energy, foreign policy, education, poverty and veterans benefits."


"As president, Obama said he would invest $15 billion annually to launch a decade-long energy resource initiative to free the nation from its dependence on foreign oil and supply the nation’s demand for electricity. Besides research and development initiatives for solar and wind power, Obama promised clean coal technologies such as carbon capture and storage will be a part of his energy policies."


"Obama said McCain should be ashamed for voting against benefits for veterans, particularly those returning from Iraq, and said McCain supported 90 percent of the policies of President George W. Bush."


" Obama said he doesn’t measure economic progress by how more wealthy the rich are getting, but how working families can get ahead, too, instead of struggle to make ends meet.

Obama said McCain wants to continue the tax cuts for large corporations and the 5 percent wealthiest Americans achieved by Bush, while Obama proposes to cut taxes to 95 percent of all Americans, particularly the working poor. Obama said he would invest in infrastructure improvements across the nation “and put people back to work,” and could easily do so with the $10 billion a month now being spent on the war in Iraq."


"“Something John McCain doesn’t understand,” he said, “is that part of the security for this country is to have an economically strong country.”

Obama said McCain represents more of the same kind of leadership, and likely results, as those achieved by Bush.

“You can put lipstick on a pig,” he said, “but it’s still a pig.” That remark practically blew the roof off the gym by itself."

Sadly, the whining from the camp for Sen. McCain remains mired in the muck, willing to talk about anything but the issues affecting Americans, anything but his plans, and willing to sling any lie into the ring in hopes of grabbing the attention of his angry, self-absorbed base.

"The McCain campaign is now saying Obama called Palin a pig, which he didn't." (via)

UPDATE 1: ACK does a roundup of the farce masquerading as political debate in 2008.

UPDATE 2: McCain sinks lower and lower into telling lies to prop up his empty campaign with bizarre claims.

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