Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Defending Congressman David Davis

Blogger David Oatney says 1st District Congressional Congressman David Davis has done a stellar job in his first term, simply a man who represents his constituents:

In the case of the First District Primary, it isn't so much that Phil Roe is a poor choice, but that an effective case against Davis from a conservative perspective can't be made-David Davis is a conservative, and his views on issues such as taxes, immigration, abortion (and other social issues), national defense, and unfunded federal mandates are similar those of most of his constituents.
David Oatney's post takes on this post from DeMarCaTionVille on Rep. Davis and the 1st District:
"I do think the area is changing, but it’s changing at about the same rate as the climate. Therefore, I don’t expect see any significant breaks in district voting patterns - at least not over the next five years or so.

Two reasons: (1) the Republicans have all the money and (2) political party is a family tradition.

I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. People in this district pass down their “Conservative Republicanism” like its heirloom silver. Some, who have inherited the party, embrace the values with which they grew up. Others have no clue what the Republican party stood for, how it’s changed or what it means nowadays - but they cling to it nonetheless. It belongs to them as much as their family name or their Grandpappy’s pocketwatch. For the most part admitting to this crowd, you prefer a Democratic candidate is akin to wearing a Mexican Flag shirt and singing “Big Ole Butt” to the preacher’s wife at the Baptist Homecoming.

It’s not gonna make you popular."

Blogger Rob Huddleston writes today:
"I think the dogfighting vote acknowledged by Oatney - the vote where Davis appeared to take the untenable position of being pro-dogfighting - could be bigger than the other votes that Davis has cast in the last two years. In the wake of Michael Vick, public sentiment was on the side of those who wanted to come out stronger against interstate dogfighting. To be the only Tennessean voting against the dogfighting bill could be portrayed as being out-of-touch with Tennessee voters.

Only time will tell if this becomes the race I think it could. However, Davis should not rest on his laurels, because 78% of Republican voters in 2006 didn't pick him in the primary."
I have taken issue several times with Rep. Davis' public comments (more illegal immigrants in Hamblen County than anywhere in the world!!) and voting record (what dogfighting??). He takes the party line most of the time. He sends me bulk mail telling me how to battle the high cost of gasoline, but won't vote to reduce tax breaks for oil companies.

Some other votes:

No on increasing the minimum wage.

No on allowing the government to negotiate with drugmakers for lower prices for those on Medicare.

No on the Children's Health Care expansion.

No on a resolution (HR 1591, which the president did veto) which would set benchmarks for the war in Iraq and set a timetable for withdrawal, as well as provide funding for improving health care for returning veterans, address needs for recovery relief due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, increase funding for vehicles and armor used in Iraq to withstand roadside bombs.

Yes on expanding eavesdropping authority without court order.

More on the bills above and the votes are listed here. Also, plenty of info is here on his voting record on a host of social and political scales - some with very high ratings, some very low.

And honestly, most of the grumbling from the GOP in East Tennessee about Rep. Davis comes from the Tri-Cities area. And truly, Rep. Davis has been making appearances for just about any grant program or announcement he can.

I know my views are not in the mainstream of East Tennessee voters - but I will vote for change in this district and right now the candidate I like is Rob Russell, a Morristown native. I don't agree with his views 100% -- but after 100-plus years of a single party, the republicans, in charge of this district, our area isn't all it could be, in my opinion. Low wages are a key concern - or should be - for the residents.

From Russell's web page:

"Make access to affordable healthcare and freedom from medical bankruptcy a reality for all Americans.

Enforce fair trade policies that will protect East Tennessee jobs.

Reduce energy costs and end our dependence on foreign oil through investing in renewable energy technologies.

End the war in Iraq and repair the damage it has done to our diplomatic standing, military strength, and domestic economy.

Provide our children with the world’s best education and improve educational opportunities for hard-working college students and adults re-training for 21st-century jobs.

Put an end to corporate welfare and tax loopholes that allow foreign and US-owned corporations to avoid paying their fair share.

Guarantee a living wage for full-time workers– “working poor” is a shameful phrase that should never have to be used to describe hard-working Americans!

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