Thursday, May 15, 2008

Remember This Day

This Thursday is a special day, one in which you can take action and make a difference. Prompted by the ideas of sacrifice and service espoused by President Bush yesterday, I decided that starting this Thursday and for each Thursday through 2009, you and I can take action and take a stand.

Thank goodness I found a link to a web site which realized this need and sought to fill it. They offer a different theme each Thursday to turn the idea of increased awareness into a Day of Action.

Today's Call to Action offers this theme:

Today is Make Your Voice Quiver With Indignation Day.

Next Thursday is Wince and Fidget Day. (I'm really looking forward to that one!)

Yes, no longer will you have to feel uninformed or uninvolved, you'll have a Theme Day every week! No stickers to buy, no ribbons, no dangerous political views to embrace - just plain, simple acts which will let everyone know you're a little wacko and proud of it! America is depending on you.

Full list of Themes and Dates here.


  1. Hilarious! I can't believe I missed "Talk through your nose like a person from Wisconsin" day.

    Joe where do you find this stuff?!

  2. I'm really looking forward to "Feign Catholicism Day." However, my workplace celebrates "Snicker Whenever Someone Uses The Word 'Long' Day" practically every day of the week. We're a bunch of juveniles.