Monday, May 19, 2008

More GOP Tactics Backfire

Some facts and choice words arrive via DeMarCaTionVille for blogger David Oatney and the Tennessee Republicans in general in the 4th Senate District race between Senator Mike Williams and challenger Mike Faulk:

It is one thing to point out issues with your elected official. Perhaps you don’t like his viewpoints or policies. He voted for something you oppose. You think his manner of dress is inappropriate and your guy is better for the job.

However, it’s quite another thing to launch a full-scale bullshit rock-throwing attack while your candidate is sitting in his own stinkin’ glass house.

You know, when the GOP first started grasping at straws here and twisting truth: feeling some loyalty to the party of my father, I didn’t say much. I had faith that the Tennessee Republican Party would figure out these tactics weren’t working locally.

Surely, Faulk would realize this and reign in his unpleasant supporters.

Nope. Not so much - because apparently whatever Republicans lack in common sense, they make up for in sheer collective hatefulness - and this bothers me.


The TN GOP may also want to note the constant attacks and general viciousness aren’t going over well in this area. Many of us, who live here, are beginning to see why Williams got pissed off enough to leave the party.


  1. Thanks for the link Joe.

  2. you are most welcome - you are a daily read here at the ol' cup of joe.