Monday, May 12, 2008

Building A Better Blog

Odd how these days I ask myself questions which while using words in the English language somehow sound as if I am speaking a secret tongue. Questions like:

"Should I do more to drive traffic to my page?"

"Why did I get a sudden rush of visits from Germany?" (the answer to that one is that folks in Germany were seeking this picture of actress Caroline Munro, who attended a comic book convention in Hop-something-stadt, Germany this past weekend.)

"Should I consume more bandwidth, or less?"

"How can I learn more HTML code and CSS code to make sure my page is a fun and informative place, or should I learn PhotoShop, or how do I make readers Digg this page, or should I try and get it Farked?"

The plain truth is I don't have a single category to lump all the many posts here into - but calling it a "Blog About Stuff" seems a meaningless act, even if that's just what this page really is. Focusing on just issues and ideas which might be of value to people in a 50-mile radius does not appeal either, just as claiming all posts here are of value to the World In General seems a bit boastful. I was happy to notice this page is not listed on the Worst Blogs of All Time list.

My brain moves at a snail's pace compared to the Speed of Information on the Internet, I don't have a host of writers pecking constantly away to break news stories, track celebrities, detail the latest tech gadgetry, poll political minutiae, make lists of Bests and Worsts, and the other infinite factoids and opinions and aberrations and desires which fill the Internet to the very edges.

I have mostly written and posted about the things on my mind and in the world around me which may or may not fascinate me. And yes, I do read and comment at many other web sites and blogs, but I do not really have an Agenda -- not beyond some shameless self-promotion and a constant desire to create writing which someone, somewhere not only reads but returns to read again. Often I'll link to someone else's writings and creations because I found some wisdom or some stupidity. And sometimes I have railed about some legislative proposal, at local, state and national levels because it is either really stupid and dangerous or perhaps wise (usually the former and not the latter).

I've tried out places which offer Social Networking, but in truth I am not exactly good at it. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and more seem to simply take time away from being here on this site, making this site better or drafting my words into a magnificent treatise or hilarious broadside. I stay at such adventures though, in order to spread the good word about your Cup of Joe Powell - stuff happens here, gets written about and gets shared thanks to many, many other expert bloggers and writers who deem a post or a comment worth sharing. My thanks to such folks is boundless.

And so I have devised a new goal of sorts -- adding to my blogroll is a priority, so you'll find more links here to more places where the reading and the writing is a fine experience. And I hope if any of you readers think a site is worth linking to, then please let me know in the comments here or shoot me an email. I've begun adding some new links today and hope you visit them. Since I began this humble but lovable page, some of my favorites have ceased to be -- like Atomic Tumor, but I'm leaving the link here to that site because there is a vast amount of fascinating stuff to read there; and I reluctantly dropped Rex L. Camino's Blog of Doom, as he no longer blogs about Doom or anything at all. He is missed.

But I am adding some new links today and will add more through the week, and I hope you find them sites worth visiting and re-visiting.

I am fast approaching the end of my third year of daily blogging, and am rather happy to report there is more information and more goofiness and more seriousness on the Internet than when I began.

Just for a taste, here is a new site I found over the weekend. The creators of this page collect images and information about odd and interesting stuff found to be available for purchase. It's an impressive collection already, and I hope they continue to seek out the odd things for sale via the Internet. The site is called Curiobot and here are some items which impressed me for any number of reasons:

-- The Half-Life 2 Headcrab Hat - "
Whether or not you are a fan of the computer game, I think we can all appreciate a plush alien-like thing called Headcrab that you can wear on your head.

-- Cheeseburger-In-A-Can

-- Wooden Keyboard and Mouse

-- Cloud: The Inflatable Room

-- A Flying Alarm Clock

And there's much more.

And Much More will be found on these pages too. Here's to you for reading and to the many millions more who make things to read and discover. Happy Days!

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  1. james2:20 PM

    Joe,while I don't always agree with your politics I do enjoy my daily "cup of joe".Just keep on going.