Monday, January 21, 2008

One Day

Many key hallmarks in the struggle and the history of the Civil Rights Movement are based here in Tennessee. And while the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr took place in Tennessee, the state is also home today of the National Civil Rights Museum. And few realize the ideas that shaped the forces which fought against racism and injustice were nurtured in Tennessee at the Highlander Center, which continues to work today to educate and empower. A simple but profound idea rests in the heart of their founding principle -

... the answers to the problems facing society lie in the experiences of ordinary people."

Once, a teacher I had told me that the speech given by Dr. King in 1963 in Washington was an excellent example of effective oratory. But to me it is far more than powerful words.

It is a reminder that while we have achieved much in removing the traditions of oppression, each of us must consistently act to improve our world and our country, that each of us benefits most when we seek to insure there is Freedom for all.

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  1. Ya know, I just can't ever hear that speech without tearing up.