Friday, January 25, 2008

Camera Obscura - The Oscars; New X-Files; Weirdness on TV

What are two of the most brain-bending-how-did-that-happen nominations in this year's Oscar list?

"Norbit" and "Transformers".

Still "Norbit" has the very successful pedigree of Rick Baker, who has 11 nominations over his career and six wins, including being the first person to win an Oscar for Best Makeup, for "An American Werewolf in London" way back in 1981.

Speaking of werewolves, the much anticipated and long awaited second movie from the "X-Files" appears to be centered on just that - werewolves. Well, possibly. Some just released spy pics from the set do show someone in a kinda cheesy looking werewolf mask. Maybe it's just a secondary plot point.

The X-Files creators have a solid history of making their show super-creepy and scary, and the filmmakers have said they plan for the sequel to be heavy in the scares and light in the aliens this time.


I've watched the first few episodes of "The Sarah Connors Chronicles", a spin-off of "The Terminator" movies and I confess I have no idea what the hey is going on, due mostly to a steady stream of time travel plots. If you wish to track the many timelines offered in the 3 movies and in this new series, plus the planned future trilogy of "Terminator" movies, then you'll need some quantum nerd math power.
Of course, as I’ve noted before, this all quickly gets absurd if the time travelers of 2032 have potentially unlimited power to keep going back and changing things — Terminator quickly becomes Groundhog Day, or at least becomes that bit from Family Guy where Peter keeps going back in time and screwing up his first date with Lois."

A most uncomfortable battle for affections does seem to exist between Sarah and the robot/cyborg sent to protect Sarah's son. Who will he like best? He's already showing signs of needing some serious therapy already.

Given the wildly improbable time traveling nature of the show, I kept waiting for Al Gore and his Vice Presidential Action Rangers to show up.


If someone is deeply desperate to get images and details of the next "Star Trek" movie, you have options now available. The first is a web site which is supposed to be in the Federation shipyards where the Enterprise is being built. If you monkey with the controls on the 'camera feeds' you can see .... well, it looks like some dude is welding something. Yeah, wow, how compelling.

Or go here to see the teaser trailer for the movie, which again is really just shots of some dude welding.

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