Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore's Peace Prize Win Brings Attacks

As sure as night follows day, the indignant hostility of many in Tennessee and nationwide followed the announcement that former Vice President Al Gore shared a win of this year's Nobel Peace Prize with a U.N. Panel on Climate Change. And as this day continues, the hate-talk will spread across the typical sources on talk radio and on TV and in newspapers and blogs. Time to hate, hate, hate!

Folks sure do hate Al Gore and the U.N. Some really hate Gore, like TN State Rep. Stacey Campfield. And the TN Center for Policy Research continues to hate Gore, as if it were part of their DNA: "
Handing a Nobel Prize to Al Gore, a proven hypocrite on the issue of climate change, would be an injustice to the many people bravely fighting for peace and freedom throughout the world,” said Tennessee Center for Policy Research President Drew Johnson."

Some folks hate the Nobel Committee.

Some folks hate the idea of Climate Change as either a reality or a fantasy-hoax.

Comments left on this article of the win from the Knoxville News Sentinel reveal how deep the hate goes, and how it spreads to connect to almost any topic imaginable.

ACK at Volunteer Voters has a roundup of reactions, some happy, many not.

I suppose it is important to some to have a specific person to hate, to blame for all evils of the world, to be the emblem of all things wrong. Perhaps the hate serves as some soothing balm for all the things that irritate.

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