Tuesday, October 30, 2007

At The Mountains of Madness

As Halloween draws ever closer, I've got some items worthy of your seasonal contemplation and enjoyment.

First comes the annual Astonishing Jack'O Lanterns provided each year by Tennessee Jed. He's made his selection and has a preview image for you to see, so go see it! The man works wonders with a pumpkin. (Click here for his Pumpkins of Halloween's Past.)

That sly and vigilant Newscoma has collected a helpin' heap of Halloween movie scares. Scenes from movies like "Freaks" and "Audition" and a clip I was so happy she offered - Viggo Mortensen in "The Prophecy" - he is one scary dude in that one. Scroll through her blog to see them all .... and just keep telling yourself "It's only a movie, IT'S ONLY A MOVIE!!!"

The ever delightful Tits McGee (who is swooning in happiness along with all Red Sox fans) has some fantastic pics of the massive Pumpkin Festival in New Hampshire, which you can view by clicking here.

The spooky stories of haunted places in East Tennessee are offered in this account from the Kingsport Times News, which you can read by clicking here. Go on, I dare you! You want a sample?

Devil’s looking glass

Above the Nolichucky River in Unicoi County is a pile of rocks in the mountainside that, by day, looks like an ordinary pile of rocks. But when the moonlight shines on it at night the pile of rocks transforms into the face of Satan himself."

Looking for the spooky near you? Then search GooGhoul for scary events in your neighborhood.

For a more literary chills, then take a journey into the unknown and ancient "At The Mountains of Madness".

For binary fiends, there are of course the Top 10 Zombie Flash Games.


  1. I love getting a feature on Cup O Joe! It makes my day, thanks Joe!

    I have it finished now so come on over for a peek. I don't have a great camera so the images are a bit weak, I am just glad to have a camera with this unconfirmed economic depression afoot.

  2. Alloyd411:07 AM

    One of my favorite movies, conceptually, is Halloween III. It's truly terrible in a 1970's way. But the idea is so scary... a Halloween mask company implants a device inside each cute children's mask. At a signal from the manufacturer, every mask melts onto the wearer's face and it can't be removed... ever. Then it makes them MAD. Mad, I say. Wow.

  3. Squee! I delight you!