Sunday, September 23, 2007

Dangerous Clothes

Play-Doh, wires, and a peg board - that was enough to send security staff at Logan Airport into a paranoid state of hyper fear, fingers twitching on their triggers. A female M.I.T. student, who had been wearing the wires and peg board zip-tied to her sweatshirt, is labeled a bomb hoax threat terrorist. Maybe it was just a bad week to have the last name of Simpson.

She's extremely lucky she followed the instructions or deadly force would have been used. And she's lucky to be in a cell as opposed to the morgue."

I would have imagined security staff at Logan, of all places, would be trained to observe and recognize what a bomb would look like. Especially as Logan is on a high threat level status. Wonder what would happen if someone was seen wearing those sneakers that have teeny lights in the heels of their shoes? I think an indication of how much this case was overblown can be found in the judge's decision to put Simpson's bail at $750. I would expect the entire case to be dropped.

It's true that funky fashions are often seen as a threat, just ask someone who wears their pants hanging half off their ass. Some say these pants threaten society and laws are being passed to ban low-slung baggy apparel. Will you feel safe if that happens?

And let's spend a lot of taxpayer money to enact the laws and enforce them. That'll show these teenagers who wears the pants."

Will you be able to wear your "Don't Tase Me, Bro!" t-shirt without being seen as a threat? Could you freely wear a shirt that had lettering reading "This Shirt Is Illegal"?

Did it all go downhill straight to the hottest part of hell when the days of Statutes of Apparel disappeared?

The English Sumptuary Laws were well known by all of the English people. And they were strictly obeyed! The penalties for violating Sumptuary Laws could be harsh - fines, the loss of property, title and even life."

See also the laws for men's clothes.


  1. I think tripping over in those arse revealing pants is just the punishment needed. That and the well-deserved ridicule from adults.

    As for Ms Simpson - stupid mistake and overreaction. I can't help but eye up bags and packages and fellow passengers in the Underground these days. Part of polite traveling on public transport means being considerate enough not to scare people.

  2. yes indeed - i think odd/strange/dangerous clothing provides its own rewards/punishments.

    and note to self - don't wear electronics to the airport.

  3. Alloyd11:12 AM

    I was elated with that bold young woman who went to the airport with electronic gear strapped to her shirt. If more people snubbed the so-called rules of air travel perhaps we'd be allowed to keep our shoes on our feet. I always nearly get arrested at the airport. I'm sury and rude. Period. I am not a threat to anyone's life except the fool who tries to touch me or my things. Airport security is a total joke. Anyone wanting to blow up a plane could do it without puting their belt in a plastic box and getting it x-rayed. The culture of fear in this country is insane. And I'm crazy enough already.