Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Strategy of Confusion

There are as many confusing and conflicting opinions about the war in Iraq and the 'war on terror' as there are stars in the sky. The dim light of these distant objects are somehow the basis of mystical interpretations, indicating signs and wonders of what may be or may not be. I'm surprised we aren't getting cable news updates from outside the cave of the Oracle of Delphi.

Within the last week we have been told that Al Qaeda is weaker, Al Qaeda is stronger, Al Qaeda is coming, Al Qaeda is here, and that we are fighting them in Iraq so we don’t have to fight them here except, somehow, maybe, they’ve found there way to our shores. Add to this Homeland Security Chief Chertoff’s “gut feeling” that we will be attacked even though there is no credible evidence. (via TPM)

Then today comes another assessment, which has been three-years in the making, that America is facing a persistent threat, but it's worse in Europe.

Maybe these claims and warnings are all just Weapons of Mass Confusion, driven by the idea that the nation's leaders should never be specific about success or failure in order to confuse The Enemy. But my 'gut feeling' is that the leadership is some seriously sad disarray.

For sheer obscenity, however, nothing tops this company which is selling fake boobs to support the troops.

We have no need of fake boobs, there is enough boobishness already.

UPDATE: Also see this post from R. Neal. I saw the 'press briefing' he mentioned and it was hardly informative but was quite confusing.


  1. Ye gods.. not to mention that horrid trucker song on the fake boobs site. pee-yew.

  2. Boobishness..Now that's a funny word that I will make sure to remember.

  3. it's fun to make up words, J.D. I did consider a few other choices but settled on one of my own creation. And it's fun to say out loud too!

  4. OXYMORON10:27 PM


    Ann Coulter comes to mind instantly.

    I was just thinking recently how our great leaders have thrown out so many assesments of the GWOT that they have to be falling on jaded ears by now. I know mine are just numb to the unending infospeak with its darkly comic overtones.
    "Its 130 degrees in Baghdad." so the Iraqi leaders take a vacation. Soldiers soldier on in flack jackets and heavy helmets.
    The people who are steering this bus don't really worry where it ends up; it will have no consequences for them.