Thursday, July 19, 2007

Manualist Virtuoso Plays One of a Kind Music

I have no woirds to describe the talents and feats of stunning musical achievement this guy has documented via some 37 videos on YouTube. He does jazz, heavy metal, classical, pop, and blues songs with such intense concentration and effort that I am speechless.

According to his page on MySpace, he has been a "manualist" for 37 years, is married, lives in Michigan and is a gun shop owner. To millions of viewers on YouTube, he is simply, Gunecologist.

Selecting just one of his performances to offer here, I had to go with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. WARNING: repeated viewings could lead to insane laughter and imprint his songs in your brain permanently.

A full list of his performances is here. The amount of time, devotion and effort for all that music makes me wonder what his wife thinks. Perhaps his dexterity won her over. Or maybe she stays at her sister's a lot.


  1. Cinemonkey9:46 PM

    Put me on the list for his first Christmas album !!

  2. Cinemonkey9:47 PM

    Put me on the list for his first album !!