Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Health Care Maze of Mystery

Some provocative debate has been prompted by the movie from Michael Moore, "Sicko", though just about any person in the country could reel off stories of high comedy and tragedy so one need not be a filmmaker to have some intense opinions about the state of healthcare.

A fascinating exchange between Moore and CNN was highlighted here by R. Neal (Moore really lays into CNN and Wolf Blitzer, with much reason) and Neal also has some thoughts on how or if health care might be improved here. Some of the ideas there require you to think and consider how we can effect change for the better. It gave me much to ponder.

I have no solid answers to the dilemmas of outlandish behavior via insurance companies, giant hospital corporations, pharmaceutical companies or the curious twists and turns created by state and federal government regarding health care.

I do know that urging realistic debate is far more important than jingoistic blather about reform. Specifics are needed, not platitudes of "we are working on improving" blah blah blah.

Also, the link in Neal's first post above contains a link to Moore's rebuttal of some of the wild distortions and claims made against "Sicko". One fact is clear -- medical bills are a key cause of bankruptcy, and many in this most prosperous nation can be financially decimated by medical costs alone.


  1. Hi Joe...found your blog through your review of Incident at Loch Ness which I just saw...and loved. I am really enjoying your blog and many of your posts. I am going to link you to my blog.

    I haven't seen Sicko yet, but am very curious to see it.


  2. Candy -

    glad you found Herzog's movie as enjoyable as i did. after reading some of your blog, i see we share much affection for Herzog and Peckinpah and that is a sign of great taste and class!!

    i also like some of those posters your found, esp. for "Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia."

    and as even more synchronicity, I just watched the Tales of the Rat Fink movie about Big Daddy Roth, whic you recently wrote about, just a few days ago and it brought many old memories to life. when i was a wee boy, i had many Big Daddy model carsand toys. i have been working on a post about Big Daddy myself.

    thanks very much for reading and i'll be sure to make regular stops to your place too.