Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wacky Funtime Blog Comments

It did not take long yesterday for the comments regarding a possible election race between two former Tennessee senators, Thompson and Gore, turned into a mish-mash of gibbering madness. While I appreciate that this humble but lovable blog was featured in the post at No Silence Here, I am even more grateful I did not get the comments that were generated there!

All that noise would have given me a headache.

Hooo-eeee, people. Such rabid indignation and creative assertions of fanciful notions do not make me swell with pride as reasoned discourse turns into ... well, I am not sure what all that noise is except noise. If one or the other of these Non-Official Candidates gets your corn to popping, I am happy for you. Still, if the talk in those comments represents the views of people who actually vote, then no wonder we get the politicians we get.

PS - I better give credit to The Editor for that "corn popping" phrase as she is the only one I've heard use it before.

UPDATE: More fine examples of comment insanity were visited today upon NiT. Such as "
And since we’re all being candid with each other, let me just say how much I revile “The South” and everything it stands for. Your whole claim to distinction versus other states is based on a failed revolt to keep your abominable practice of institutional racism, which most of you now fondly remember as your golden age. If there’s a problem here it’s only that Reconstruction ever ended.

Hoo-eee. Is the heat? Lack of fiber?

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