Thursday, June 14, 2007

Moon Pie Party and the Bonaroo Festival

Big crowds and much entertainment abounds this weekend in middle Tennessee. You can choose between the constantly growing Bonnaroo festival or the traditional old school celebration of Moon Pies and RC Cola.

For some 13 years, the adoration of the Moon Pie and RC Cola has been held in Bell Buckle, with this year's bash set for Saturday. Events include a coronation of the Moon Pie King and Queen and the World's Largest Moon Pie Cutting Ceremony. Full schedule of events are here at the official site. As a child raised in Tennessee, I myself prefer the full three-course Southern Lunch: a white-bread baloney sandwich, topped off with a Moon Pie for dessert and all washed down with an icy cold RC Cola. I will confess, though, I think the last time I dined in such fashion I was in my teens.

The massive Bonnaroo Festival is underway this weekend in Manchester. Live broadcasts via the web and satellite radio are available for that, and lots of folks are blogging the event, including my fine friend Atomic Tumor (though blogging more at his convenience than for news, and with the style and observations that make AT such a great read). The official 'Roo site has all the news and links to hearing/seeing the event.

I am not sure if anyone has ever live-blogged a Moon Pie Festival, but perhaps it's time.

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  1. Cinemonkey6:33 PM

    You really should be the first to live-blog the Moon Pie Fest, Joe - think of your resume!