Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Local Congressman Designates 'Eagle Day'

1st District Congressman David Davis sponsored a Resolution which Congress adopted last week which is called "American Eagle Day", to be observed on June 20th.

While I have often been critical of the Republican Congressman's take on numerous national issues, I do appreciate his appreciation of one of the nation's symbols, and more importantly, his high praise for the dedicated and successful work of the American Eagle Foundation in Pigeon Forge:

This non-profit group has worked to establish recovery programs to protect the eagle, and actively cares for many non-releasable birds to ensure they live healthy lives.

“In addition, they operate the largest bald eagle-breeding facility in the world, and have released hundreds of eaglets into the wild with the support of local, state, and federal officials.

“Through the efforts of the American Eagle Foundation and a grassroots effort by children nationwide, I was pleased to offer this legislation for consideration."

Indeed, the organization daily works to protect those beautiful creatures and to expand our ability to nurture and study American Eagles. Their web site is here, though their eagle nest cam is down until next year, but this site is full of information and I encourage you to learn about the group, and support them if you can through donations.

I am also thankful that Rep. Davis' first bill presented to Congress was not some wacky, unwarranted partisan policy. Though it will be noted his resolution isn't really much of a stretch - it's kind of like a bill saying "Hey. I like America and American Eagles" and it's hard to fault an elected official for making that kind of pronouncement.

Now if the Congressman will apply his efforts on some other rather important issues, he'll earn much, much more of my respect.

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