Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lessons in Blog Sarcasm

Some things I learned this week:

Wading deep into the mire and muck and into the witless hubris of some blogs dotting the cyberscape which are best referred to as My Sarcastic Ironic Metaphors Are Better Than Yours, I was reminded of three old sayings from old people.

First, from a conversation I had once on my grandfather's farm on summer day -- "Boy," he said, pointing to a steaming cowpie, "That there is bullshit. Now, it ain't got no use unless you use it as fertilizer. The difference between a human and a bull is that a bull will drop a big ol' pile of shit and walk away from it and a person will make a pile of shit and crow about how proud they are of it, polish it all up as if it would turn into solid gold and then go in search of more bullshit to make folks think they have mastered the art of goldsmithing."

Next, a quote from G.B. Shaw - "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."

Third, Shaw also wisely notes, "I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig, you get dirty and the pig likes it."

POSTSCRIPT: Nope, not going to link to the blogs of not-sarcastic-just bullshit wordgasms helmed by not-Generals and Meatless buffets, because my grandfather taught me to lead folks away and not into shit. Plus many Tennessee blogs including mine have given you much context on this topic all week. (If yer burnin' with desire to know details, use the email option in my profile.)


  1. james2:13 AM

    Well,after vacationing for a week at Clearwater,St. Pete and thereabouts I immediately caught up on my cup of joe.I see you are tryiny to impart wisdom or something similar.Robert Heinlin once said that trying to teach adults is akin to teaching a pig to sing.It's pointless and annoys the pig. BTW where is my stuff?

  2. like the saying goes james, the package is in the mail!