Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brain Drained

Delicious blue skies and abundant sunshine the last few days here in East TN, which means the hot and humid days of summer are near and that's my favorite time of year. But there has been a drawback - I haven't been able to enjoy it.

I've been weighed down this week with a nasty chest cold. The result is I feel lousy and most medications to ease such woes make me as loopy as someone huffing airplane glue from a sock. You know it's bad when you wake up at 3 am and the TV has some infomercial about the miracle of a new hunk of rubberized exercise equipment and I sit and stare at if for forty minutes with slack jawed attention. The thought of changing the channel befuddles me for so long, I start wondering if I am holding a jillion channel remote control or maybe an abacus from the 13th century.

All that to say this - I have been a poor blogger this week. The news or views which might have been here have oozed past me in the haze of over the counter dope. So I am posting now, writing via a window of brief consciousness, aware that I am headed back to my previously puddled state of sub-aware stupidity. (the occasional detractors of this humble yet lovable blog all say "AHA!")

I will provide some further details in coming days about all the fun of my trip to Washington (and isn't it time they installed Google maps on the windows of airplanes so you know just exactly what you are flying over?) Until things get back to normal, you still have time to win some free CDs.

Since I can't even taste my coffee anymore, I think I'll mix generous amounts of cough syrup into my cup and stare out the window at the beautiful day, ignore the news on TV and follow the ebb and flow of the vile stuff invading my precious bodily fluids.

Foo on being sick.


  1. james5:23 PM

    I reccomend a generous portion of DR.Daniels CURE-ALL in your coffee and repeat as needed or wanted.

  2. james5:26 PM

    BTW Joe,yes rasslin.Besides ,my son is inthe biz.

  3. Try an old cure that really works. Buy a half pint of rock n rye whiskey you can get the kind that has fruit in it (it taste a bit better, not much, but better) if you want. Drink it near bedtime, all of it. Wrap up good when you bed yourself down and sleep as long that night as possible. When you wake up drink plenty of water. You will feel better quicker than you can say rye whiskey taste terrible.

    Being sick sucks, feel better Joe!