Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fowler's Non-Lobbying Lobbying

Former state senator David Fowler is president of two different high-profile lobbying groups, though state law prohibits him from lobbying for one year after leaving office. He denies he's doing any lobbying, though certainly serving as the leader for lobbying corporations, and attending legislative committee sessions.

And the email he recently sent out urging legislators follow his lead on devising regulations of how doctors can or cannot advise patients about RU-486 is, Fowler claims, not lobbying either.

Still, the AP, Volunteer Voters and TGW have reported that Fowler certainly is fully engaged in lobbying efforts. All actions, which Fowler says, aren't really lobbying.

Perhaps he simply feels that the law is meant to apply to others, but not to him and his efforts to lobby lawmakers, residents and all those who already agree with his legislative action "suggestions." And perhaps he is likewise confident none of his friends in the legislature will bother with identifying him as a lawbreaker.

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