Friday, March 09, 2007

Bling Water From Tennessee

The hip-hop culture can now satisfy their thirst with a tasty blast of water from Dandridge, Tennessee. Once the water is placed in a frosted glass bottle and given some other sparkly additions, the Dandridge spring water turns to Bling Water and sells for between 24 and 40 dollars a bottle.

More here and here.

And oh yes, I too wish I'd thought of it first.


  1. And the Hollywood stars are ODing on it as we speak..

    Now I have some Mason jars & a good clean well, reckon I can start marketing 'Miracle Water'? Guaranteed to cure what ails ya.

  2. i'll go in with youexcept we'll call it "WHITE LIGHTNIN WATER"

  3. Ug. I promise not everyone in Hollywood is that shallow.

    That said, I'm thinking of jumping on the bandwagon with a line of glow in the dark sparkling waters bottled in Oak Ridge. I call it "Fission Fizz." Any interested investors?

  4. Water as a status symbol? In the Sahara, yes. In America it just means you are a fool with too much money.

  5. reminds me of an old idea i had to offer a limited supply of a new high-energy protein bar. it arrives in a bright shiny goldfoil wrapper and i call it FeCal.

    the ad tagline is: Throw It!