Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ramsey New Lt. Governor

For this first time since 1971, the state has a new Lt. Governor. In a deeply contentious vote and a bitter battle for power, Senator Ron Ramsey was voted into that slot today. Kleinheider has been closely following the power struggles at Volunteer Voters.

Wilder's Wiki has already been changed (though the site notes the info available is "unverified").

In a day or so, many will write about the rocky history of Wilder, who has Speaker of the Senate for so long he seemed invincible. But no one is invincible in politics - ever. 36 years is certainly a long time to hold that office, but it is not forever. I certainly welcome the change and the call to remove Wilder has been rather deafening in the last few months.

With Ramsey now in that slot and the GOP in firm control of the Senate, the real question of how Ramsey will lead will take time to be answered. One thing is certan - Wilder was often termed a bi-partisan senator. That is not a word anyone has ever used for Ramsey. Will he lead or just stand in the way of any legislation not created by the GOP?

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