Wednesday, January 31, 2007

National Gorilla Suit Day!

Each year, we mark this holiday created by writer and artist Don Martin.

I've always wanted to get my full gorilla gear on, get an official photo ID made wearing my furry duds, then go into a bar and order banana daiquiris, proudly presenting my ID to prove I am of legal gorilla drinking age.

Apparently this is a family trait. Last year, my nephew and his friend suited up to go thru a local burger drive-thru. One wore a chicken suit, the other a gorilla outfit. A slight fender bender ocurred as they accidentally struck each other's cars, and they ended up outside a local school's soccer field waving to the arriving crowd while wearing their outfits. That made me one proud uncle.

Don't have a gorilla suit? Go here.

More info here and ....

as Don Martin might say "Mamp! Spwat! Tok!"


  1. Cinemonkey5:18 AM

    I definitely remember a "shtoonk", & a "skiddly-optabop-tawawa"(sp?). And perhaps a "kabrada-BOOM"
    Good ol' Don!
    (Dang! Hard to type with gorilla fingers.)

  2. Cinemonkey3:04 AM

    So I'm thinkin' maybe we should start Gorilla Pirate Day.....or maybe Pirate Gorilla Day...wait!....There should be a Ninja in there somewhere....