Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mister Doctor Smarty Pants

Developing a mathematical theory, with appropriate vectors and an axis and points and inputs and outputs, a psychologist in England determined that Jan. 23 of 2007 was the worst day of the year. AT noted the story and offered a rather fine bit of artwork to attempt to reverse the Day of Universal Suckage. You go, AT.

But I'm always contrary. For instance, how come a psychologist and not a mathematician devised this particular math formulary?

Is there somewhere a very sad math scholar glummed out by the co-opting of his craft by an outsider? WIll said scholar recover?

If anyone is asking (or even if not), I'm marking this whole damn week down as a time of sheer crapola. Oh and I just love the psych's ideas of deflecting the un-awesomeness of the Worst Day of the Year: think of something else, eat breakfast and get showered and dressed. I did eat, then shower and followed by dressing (with clothes, even) and pondered on a wide range of "something elses" and remain confident this week is blowing chunks like a freshman at their first kegger.

Why do I perceive and label this week as bad? Don't ask. Really. I'm supposed to be thinking of something else.

Of course I have a bounty of things to be thankful for. Yep. Could list tons. And I don't need a slide-rule or a statisical analysis to make that list.

And really, if Mister Doctor Smarty Pants in England was actually attempting to do something worthwhile, wouldn't he have provided some information on which day was the Best Day of the Year?

I always liked the sage wisdom on most any topic provided by Walt Kelly and Pogo his friends.

Once, while casually boating with his pal Porky Pine, Pogo asks:

"What day is it right where we is now?"

Porky responds:

"That depends on what month it is."


  1. Always glad to be of assistance, Joe.

  2. Yeah... I have a sinus infection... so over all... as days go... complete sukage...

  3. What if twenty five years from now someone is looking up things that happened on their birthday and find they were born on the most depressing day of the year. Perhaps somewhere in the internet archives they will find this comment from Jed to chin up and chest out 'cause gloomy ass days make the good ones look good. It is all about relativity, relativity speaking.

  4. yes indeed, Jed. To isolate a single day in such a way is just mean-spirited. Thanks much for an archival example of good wishes for that unknown person!

    And yes oh yes, viewpoint/perception/relativity is key. Just this afternoon I was asked via email if I want to be in a "lottery" of pool reporters to witness the state's execution of one Edward Harbison.

    So I am having a far, far better week (and a whole dang life) than Harbison. But even if I was offered the most comfy surroundings to view a state execution, I would not choose to do so.
    And I am likewise thankful I have no concept of what it would take for me to ever want to witness such a thing.