Sunday, January 28, 2007

A High-Point for Stupid

I hate to just say "that is incredibly stupid" even if it is true. But dang, people, this takes the cake, the plate the cake is on, the table on which the plate sits, the room with the table and the building containing the room.

This particular high-point of stupid is a "speed-dating" event in Manhattan called "Natural Selection" (ooooh, Irony, I get it), where the attendees must only be "rich guys" and "hot girls."

Organizer Jeremy Ableson says:

The sad thing is not the fact that we would put it together. The sad thing is that people will actually pay for it."

At least he is honest about that -- though he also tells reporters:

It's like people aren't allowed to say, 'I'm looking for a successful man,'" he said. "And it's taboo to say that men are looking for attractive women."

Reeeeeally? Gosh, nobody ever says or thinks like that!!

A few points I have to make - A woman would have to be a Grade-A idiot to be "hot" and unable to locate a wealthy man to date. And a man earning hundreds of thousands a year, or even millions, unable to locate an attractive date is likewise dumber than a sack of hammers.

This event sounds like the cheese-brained plot of some direct-to-DVD National Lampoon movie. Maybe the true "natural selection" at work here is meant to prevent these people from somehow accidentally reproducing.

Perhaps I should just follow the formula here and offer these chuckleheads something they must pay top dollar for ......

How about: "For only a $15,000 monthly fee, I will share information with you about an amazing secret - a clear, readily available liquid which a person can drink as often as they wish and never gain any unwanted weight!!"

In a culture where people pay to take in the delights of an "oxygen bar", the Natural Selection event will be a hit, I'm sure.

Yeesh. While I'm at it, let me offer you a rather smelly lump of mush, which, if you polish it furiously, will turn to solid gold. Send $500,000 for the info on that one.

(Thanks to Sande for sending me this "news" story. The headache it induced was not her fault.)


  1. james2:36 PM

    Sounds like the plot for a new reality show.

  2. Hip deep in dumb comes to mind. I wonder how such rich men become rich while being so clueless. Oh yea, I keep forgetting we are in the best economy ever...why do I never remember that?