Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hannity Hatefest

It looks like Sean Hannity, talking head for Fox News, watched the puppet-populated movie "Team America: World Police" and thought it was a documentary.

Struggling for ratings and for attention, Hannity offered up what could best be called a hysteria-fueled feature on his program-- identifying and labeling people as an "Enemy of the State." Apparently, Hannity is a new "agent of the State". Unlike the humorous segments on Keith Olbermann's show, "Worst Person in the World," Hannity is claiming anyone not a cheerleader for the neo-cons is a criminal. He isn't drinking the kool-aid of lunacy, he's chugging it down like a frat boy at a homecoming party beerfest.

What nefarious person does Hannity pick as his first "enemy"? Why, it's actor Sean Penn. Sean Penn?? Others featured in his li'l hatefest segment (which you can see here) include Barbara Streisand and Alec Baldwin. Like I said, it's as if he watched "Team America: World Police" and thought it was a documentary.

Certainly the nation has enemies - they attacked us on 9-11, Sean. They aren't American entertainers. In fact, Sean affixes this crude label of enemy to Penn because Penn said naughty things about Sean.

Shouldn't his segment be called "Enemy of the Hannity"?

(from "Team America" - click to embiggen)


  1. OXYMORON6:30 PM

    He is my nominee for the great leader of "The Coalition of the Insane."

  2. I am speechless.