Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Didn't We Already Win?

Some views on the eve of the President's planned prime-time special - What's Next In Iraq?

On one hand, the dubious ideas of The Iraq Study Group did actually include meetings with the U.S. military and their take on "surges" or other increases in troops in Iraq. They thought it was a bad idea.

On the other hand, the other front in the ground war - Afghanistan. Military leaders there say taking troops from Afghanistan and placing them in Iraq will bring more trouble to Afghanistan.

On the other, other hand - I tend to agree with R. Neal's take via KnoxViews. Since the administration has already proclaimed "Mission Accomplished" then why not re-assert that claim and go home with victory in hand?

It looks like "mission accomplished" to me. No Saddam. No WMD. The only terrorists are waging civil war against each other. The only Americans threatened by Iraq are the American soldiers Bush put in harms way by sending them to Iraq."

My nearly-a-Knox-native-brother and I talked about this very thing last fall, prior to Saddam's execution. Since the Bushies have been successful at making the idea of "liberty" mean "national security" then why can't they make "victory" mean whatever they want?

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  1. All of this hoopla tonite is to get more time & $$ for his buds Halliburton & Kellogg.. nothing more, nothing less. And he's willing to pay for it in blood.