Monday, January 08, 2007

Denying the Record on Iraq

Amnesia has struck numerous right-wing pundits and online gurus who used to echo the many and ever-changing talking points about war in Iraq via the White House. The reality of a confused strategy and a growing civil war has prompted them to forget they used to champion the rush into the middle east with U.S. military. The last election cycle in 2006 seems to have magically transformed their opinons.

It's fine to change your mind about the war, given the current state of affairs. Pretending you never supported the war is shameful. Yet, some have been doing just that, as noted by Glenn Greenwald:

All of these self-proclaimed super-patriots who spent the last three years shrieking that anyone who criticizes the war is a friend of the terrorists are now being forced to admit that the war is unwinnable. But rather than acknowledging their reversal, they seek to erase the public record, both to salvage their reputations and to obscure the intensity of their attacks against those who were right. Such vitriol against critics muted debate in the first place and ensured that we stayed in Iraq, pretending all along that things were going great."

This week the President is supposed to promote a "new approach" in Iraq. Given this administration's track record of stubborn denials of reality and the tendency to stubbornly act as the Lone Ranger, I expect little of use to be offered. While this administration was a cheerleader for the Rapid Response philosophy from the Pentagon, they seem unable to grasp the concepts of "rapid" and "response".


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